How To Maintain Wheels and Tires

Your wheels and tires are the only things between you and the ground. Take good care of them and they won’t let you down. The tires and rims should be inspected as often as possible.

How To Maintain Wheels and Tires

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to get down on your hands and knees before every ride and spend half an hour scouring your tires. But you should get into the habit of checking the tire pressure at least once a week.

Look for anything that might indicate a tire problem about to occur; for instance, the head of a screw jammed into the tread is a dead giveaway that trouble is on the horizon. Check the tire tread for scalloping, which may indicate an out-of-balance or low-pressure situation.

Keep an eye on the tire tread itself, particularly the wear indicators. Be on the alert for broken spokes or dents in the rims. The best time to check these items is when you’re checking the tire pressure or when you’re washing the bike.

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