When to Replace Tires

When to replace tires? The smart answer is when they’re worn out. That won’t do you any good though, will it? Molded into the tread of most tires are a series of bars that run parallel to the sidewall.

When to Replace Tires

These are called wear bars; when they become visible the tire is shot, plain and simple. Failing that, any time the tread becomes shallower than one-eighth of an inch, start thinking about replacing the tires. Picking a New Tire, Of course, you can always replace your worn-out tires with the exact same make and style, if you are 100 percent happy with them. We all know that’s not always the case.

There are only a couple of hard-and-fast rules when it comes to replacing the tires. The first is to never replace a tire with one that has a lower speed rating than the original equipment. The second is that rims are designed to support tires of a certain width. Putting on a big fat tire won’t help much if the rims on your bike are intended to take little skinny ones.

Finally, all the information you need to safely choose a new tire is stamped right on the sidewall of your old one.

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